Unveiling Miley’s Fabulous Physique: A Closer Look at Her Impressive Core Strength Training

It requires dedication to achieve a well-defined and sculpted physique like hers…and maintain it. Recently, Miley Cyrus revealed her intense workout routine in a video she uploaded to her Instagram stories over the weekend. Sporting a black crop top paired with white accents and form-fitting black shorts, she showcased her strength by lying on a bench and gripping a bar above her head.

Miley Cyrus took to her Instagram stories over the weekend to share a challenging new workout routine she’s been trying out. In the videos, she can be seen bending backwards over a bench with her legs extended straight out, showcasing her strength and flexibility. The 26-year-old singer described the workout as something “NEW” that the universe keeps delivering to her.
She also mentioned that she has been exploring new music, setting new goals, and working hard to achieve them. Miley ended her post with a butterfly emoji, expressing how she’s feeling inspired and empowered by the new challenges she’s taking on.

If the task wasn’t challenging enough, she decided to make it even more difficult by turning to the side and casually remarking, “Anything worthwhile is never easy.”

Not giving up: The singer of Wrecking Ball extended over the bench
She added captions to other photos of herself during the same workout, expressing gratitude and thanks, and encouraging others to keep pushing through. She mentioned how she loves the process of growing and strengthening, emphasizing that nothing worthwhile comes easy.
The intense workouts might be Miley’s way of coping with the recent end of her whirlwind romance with Kaitlynn Carter. According to a source from ET Online, the Wrecking Ball singer decided to take a step back because she felt things were moving too quickly.

Diving into it: Miley utilized her impressive core strength to lift herself up while gripping onto a stretchy exercise band.

Core strength: Miley’s abdominal muscles flexed during her workout session. This comes after Miley ended her marriage with Liam Hemsworth over the summer, following almost eight months of being married, and their subsequent legal separation.

“Miley relied on Kaitlynn for support throughout the divorce, but she felt things were moving too fast,” a source revealed. “Ultimately, Miley was the one who decided to end things with Kaitlynn. She is now single and wants to focus on herself.”

The singer has been enjoying a stay at the renowned Amanagiri resort in Utah, sharing numerous photos from the luxurious hotel where rooms start at $3,000 per night.

Totally worth it: Miley flaunted her fit and bronzed body while vacationing at Amangiri in Utah, a luxurious resort where rooms go for over $3,000 per night, following her breakup with Kaitlynn Carter.

Cyrus shared an awesome selfie on her Stories after a killer ab workout, following up a throwback picture of Hannah Montana enjoying some fries from the past.

Feeling great: Miley kept spreading good energy on her Instagram story over the weekend, sharing a photo of herself relaxing on her yoga mat after a workout and flaunting her toned abs.

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