“Rumors of Romance: Lewis Hamilton and Shakira Spotted in Secret Get-Togethers at Ibiza Villa”

In the past month, Shakira and Lewis Hamilton have been seen together at her luxurious villa in Ibiza three times, according to a source who spoke to Spanish TV channel Telecinco. The 46-year-old Colombian singer and 38-year-old British F1 driver have been rumored to be dating after being spotted at various events together this year. The source said that after the workers left for the day, Shakira was alone with her private escort and received a visit from Hamilton. The sportsman’s driver also allegedly overheard their constant conversations.

Back on? Shakira and Lewis Hamilton have enjoyed three secret meetings at her lavish Ibiza villa over the past month

Looks like Shakira and Lewis Hamilton could be back on! The two have reportedly been meeting secretly at Shakira’s luxurious Ibiza villa, with three rendezvous taking place over the past month.

Insight: A source has now revealed to Spanish TV channel Telecinco that the pair met 'three times in the Ibiza villa' after 'the workers left' for the day

According to a source who spoke to Telecinco, Lewis Hamilton and Shakira met up three times at an Ibiza villa while the workers were gone for the day. While Lewis spent most of his time on a yacht with friends, Shakira reportedly only left her villa twice during her stay on the island. After supporting Lewis at the British Grand Prix, Shakira was said to have partied with him until the early hours at a London nightclub. Despite these rumors, neither party has commented on the alleged romance. According to an eyewitness, they appeared to be having a great time together at a VIP table in the club.

Still chatting: The source also claimed that Hamilton's driver overheard his 'constant conversations' with the Waka Waka songstress (Lewis pictured at Silverstone in July)

According to the source, Hamilton was frequently caught engaging in conversations with the popular singer Waka Waka. The driver who was with him also acknowledged hearing these regular discussions between the two (as shown in the image of Lewis at Silverstone in July).

Meeting in private: While Lewis enjoyed a sun-soaked holiday on a yacht with pals on the island earlier this month, Shakira reportedly only left her villa on two occasions: 'Once to see Bizarrap and another to have dinner with Hamilton' (pictured Shakira earlier this month)

Lewis and Shakira were seen spending time together during their separate vacations in Ibiza earlier this month. While Lewis enjoyed partying until 6am, Shakira reportedly only left her villa twice during her stay on the island. They were both seen leaving a restaurant together, with Shakira heading back to her hotel around 3:30 am. According to sources, the two celebrities are just friends, and any rumors of a romantic connection are untrue. This is not the first time Lewis and Shakira have been spotted hanging out together, as they have been seen on boat trips in Miami and dining in Barcelona. In the past, there were rumors of Shakira being in a “love triangle” with Tom Cruise and Lewis, but it seems that Shakira was not interested in Tom’s advances and opted to travel the world with her “buddy” Lewis instead.

It's over! Shakira is focusing on parenting Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven after her 11-year relationship with Gerard Pique came to an end in June last year

Shakira has shifted her focus to parenting her two sons, Milan (9) and Sasha (7), following the end of her 11-year relationship with Gerard Pique in June of last year. It seems the relationship has officially come to a close.

In the meantime, a different source informed Radar Online that Lewis Hamilton’s recent win against Tom Brady in a charity golf match was a significant blow to the football player’s ego, especially since he considers Hamilton a friend. Meanwhile, Us Weekly reported that Shakira finds the rumors about her and Brady dating amusing. Although she enjoyed spending time with him at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, she has no intention of pursuing a romantic relationship. According to an insider, Shakira is taking a break from dating after ending her long-term relationship with Gerard Pique earlier this year.

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