Anna Kendrick slays in leather pants at South by Southwest Festival to promote her film Self Reliance

Actress Anna Kendrick, a nominee for an Oscar, sported leather pants as she posed for the IMDb Portrait Studio during the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. The 37-year-old actress, originally from Maine, was seen wearing a cut-out black blouse with brown pumps while standing next to a potted cactus plant. Stylist Jordan Johnson Chung put together her outfit, while hairstylist Craig Gangi styled her half-updo in waves for the photoshoot. Kendrick, who was recently spotted in a strapless LBD at the premiere of Self Reliance, completed her look with mascara, brown eyeshadow, peachy blush, and a touch of lip gloss.

Sitting pretty: Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick rocked leather pants while posing for the IMDb Portrait Studio at Texas' South by Southwest Festival in Austin on Sunday

Looking fabulous: Actress Anna Kendrick, nominated for an Oscar, looked stunning in leather pants as she posed for photos at the IMDb Portrait Studio during the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, on Sunday.

Anna’s fellow Self Reliance co-star, Jake Johnson from New Girl, stepped into the spotlight as a director for the first time with the 85-minute comedy that was filmed in just under three weeks.

In this film, Kendrick and Johnson play the roles of game show contestants Maddy and Tommy who must work together to outsmart their hunters and win a grand prize of $1 million.

At the premiere, Kendrick expressed her trust in Johnson, whom she has known for a decade, stating that she was confident in his ability to navigate the unique tone of the film. She even joked that if she felt out of place in the movie, he should forcefully guide her in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Anna recently wrapped up her own directorial debut, The Dating Game, which explores the story of serial killer Rodney Alcala. Kendrick also starred in the film, playing the role of Cheryl Bradshaw, a contestant on the dating show who had an unsettling encounter with Alcala.

Excited about her new venture into directing, Anna shared her gratitude for the talented individuals involved in the project and how directing has become her newfound passion.

The Dating Game also features a star-studded cast including Tony Hale, Daniel Zovatto, Nicolette Robinson, Kathryn Gallagher, Kelley Jakle, and Autumn Best.

Fans can look forward to seeing Anna return as the voice of Queen Poppy in Trolls 3, set to premiere in UK theaters on October 20 and US theaters on November 17.

Southern set: The Maine-born 37-year-old kicked up her brown pumps while posing on a block beside a potted cactus plant

In a southern-style setting, the 37-year-old from Maine playfully lifted her brown heels while standing next to a cactus plant.

Ensemble: Anna paired a cut-out black midi-sleeved blouse with her heels and pants

She relies on stylist Jordan Johnson Chung

Outfit combination: Anna put together a stylish look by matching a black cut-out blouse with midi sleeves with her choice of heels and pants, all curated by the talented stylist Jordan Johnson Chung.

Angles: Hairstylist Craig Gangi coiffed Kendrick's half-updo in waves for the shoot

Craig Gangi, the hairstylist, styled Kendrick’s half-updo with waves during the photoshoot.

Minimally made up: The Alice, Darling producer-star also wore mascara, brown eyeshadow, peachy blush, and a bit of lip gloss

Keeping it simple: The star-producer of Alice, Darling also applied mascara, some brown eyeshadow, a touch of peachy blush, and a hint of lip gloss.

New Girl alum: Anna was joined by her Self Reliance castmate Jake Johnson (R), who made his feature directorial debut helming the 85-minute comedy shot in just 19 days

Anna from New Girl teamed up with Jake Johnson from Self Reliance in their latest project. The comedic duo took on the challenge of creating a film together, with Jake making his directorial debut for the 85-minute comedy. Surprisingly, the whole movie was shot in just under three weeks, showcasing their impressive work ethic and creativity.

Cannot be alone: In it, Kendrick (not pictured) and the 44-year-old Minx actor (R) play game show contestants Maddy and Tommy, who must stick together in order to avoid hunters and win a $1M grand prize

Having to stick together to survive: In the show, Kendrick and the 44-year-old Minx actor (not shown in the picture) take on the roles of game show contestants Maddy and Tommy. They must rely on each other to evade hunters and have a shot at winning a grand prize of $1 million.

The Pitch Perfect alum (3-L) said at the premiere on Saturday: 'I've known Jake for 10 years now. I just really trust him and I knew that the tone was gonna be nuts and really hard to balance. I think I texted him the day before it started filming, that if I show up and I'm in the wrong movie, just like drag me kicking and screaming into the right tone'

The actress from Pitch Perfect, speaking at the premiere over the weekend, mentioned her 10-year friendship with Jake. She expressed full confidence in him, knowing that striking the right balance for the movie’s tone would be a challenge. Before filming began, she even joked with him, expressing trust that if she veered off course, he would guide her back on track with a firm hand.

'My new happy place!' Speaking of game shows, Anna wrapped her own feature directorial debut The Dating Game about real-life serial killer Rodney Alcala in December (pictured December 13)

Anna happily announced her latest project, her directorial debut film “The Dating Game,” in which she delves into the story of infamous serial killer Rodney Alcala. The film wrapped up in December, marking a significant milestone for her.

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