“Angelina Jolie’s Emotional Farewell to Son Maddox in Korea Leaves Fans Touched”

The female celebrity was struggling to control her emotions as she made plans to head back to the US after accompanying her eldest son, Maddox, to Korea for his studies.

Angelina Jolie accompanied her first-born Maddox to Yonsei University in Seoul, where he appeared to be quite reserved and only perked up when he received ample notice in his new surroundings. Despite having only been tutored at home like his younger siblings, Maddox successfully passed the school’s entrance exam.

The artist was beaming with joy as she engaged in conversation with the scholars of Yonsei University.

According to Angelina, she managed to hold back her tears when she had to leave her son Maddox in Korea and return to the US. She shared with a student that Maddox would be staying in the dorm with his buddies.

Celebrities from Hollywood indulge in conversation with a young learner at the reputable Yonsei University.

All eyes were on the mother and daughter duo as they walked into Maddox’s school on his first day.

The son who was adopted shares an intimate bond with his well-known mother.

When Maddox was admitted, his adoptive father Brad Pitt was nowhere to be seen. Speculation is rife that the two don’t have a great relationship, with reports suggesting that Brad lost his temper and struck Maddox during a flight in 2016.

According to an insider, the recent scandal was the ultimate trigger that led Angelina to initiate divorce proceedings as soon as she got back home, despite being married for only two years.

At present, the renowned mom is enjoying a joyful life with her six offspring.

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